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”It’s always a pleasure to hear that ashtray battlecry, and the charismatic Florida singer gets her best canvas to date on this third album. While Fuchs’s off-Broadway past means she could probably make you believe in a takeaway menu, there’s no doubting the sincerity of songs like So Hard To Move – the highlight of an album palpably driven by the recent loss of her brother.” Review PDF

– Classic Rock Magazine UK


“Looking for an album with an undeniable amount of depth and soul? Look no further than Dana Fuchs’ latest release Bliss Avenue. The songs were co-written by Dana and her guitarist, Jon Diamond …. Dana has one of the best and most gripping voices in her genre today and Bliss Avenue is a reflection of her passion for singing and storytelling.” Read Entire Review Online

– Blues Rock Review




“Masterfully arranged riffs and pounding percussion are sure signs that the artist isn’t a wannabe pretty- pop-princess-entertainer, but is someone who reveres her art. Add narrative lyrics delivered in a throbbing, soulful voice—think Bonnie Raitt or the Detroit Cobras’ Rachel Nagy—and you understand why Love To Beg, the new release from Dana Fuchs should be a must-buy. From the powerful title track to the slower but just as powerful “Set It on Fire,” Fuchs and her longtime collaborator Jon Diamond present 13 Harry Winston jewelry-quality songs—sparkling and lovingly crafted. She may not be Patti Smith, but Dana Fuchs’ music would likely do the queen of punk proud.”
– Relix Magazine USA

“Fuchs sings up a storm on her second studio album … No easy feat, Fuchs succeeds in personalizing
Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long.”
– Downbeat Magazine USA

” … the most remarkable aspect of Love To Beg is the songwriting …. Almost every song travels the long treacherous highway of lost, ambivalent, or misplaced love, with roadside stops for oblivion…. There’s fiery anger in these songs which her rough edged voice is easily able to wrap itself around…. The album is a showcase for Fuchs who can touch all bases. ”
– Blues Revue Magazine USA

” Part extreme shout (‘Pretty Girl”), part croaky and profound (“keepsake”), and part rock sister (“Summersong”), she will find fans from the old rock community to the newer femme revisionists … she has talent simmering towards detonation … One to watch.
– R2 Magazine UK

“From Florida, the fragrant Dana Fuchs didn’t look like much of a threat, until she opened her mouth and out tumbled a dirty Joplin howl.”
– Classic Rock Magazine UK, “Best of 2011″ Issue

Top Vocalists List of 2011

– Blues Matters Magazine UK – 2011 Writer’s Poll


To look at, Fuchs is willowy flower-fairey with a head of Titian curls, like a wayward Joss Stone. Her voice, though is juke-joint dirty and illicit, evoking Joplin, Jagger, and a fag butt bobbing in a glass of bourbon … She’s backed by a superior wingman and co-writer in Jon Diamond, a session veteran and soulful slide guitarist who turns co-writes like “Nothing’s What I Cry For” and “Golden Eyes” into Scorching, muscular grooves. Naturally, the blues police will say she isn’t sufficiently grizzled, road-worn or male enough for serious consideration. Fuchs the lot of ‘em.”

– Classic Rock Magazine UK


“… Dana Fuchs offers a virtuoso demonstration of primal blues-rock vocalizing in service to feelings of betrayal, lust and longing … Fuchs often unloads vocally with Plant-ian authority. Yet the nuanced southern soul groove of her slinky, horn-inflected “Summersong” kissoff and her acoustic-based, shimmering soul ballad “keepsake” show a singer-songwriter who can bring home bittersweet reflective musings as credibly as she can rage at the heavens. Sonically, she and co-producer/guitarist Jon Diamond let it roar, hot and unyielding across the channels…. Love To Beg is awe inspiring …”
– The Absolute Sound Magazine USA


-Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“A voice that is sultry and astonishingly boundless”
-The Village Voice

“Fuchs’ entree is a bold and beautiful thing, and her talent is immense.”
-Billboard Magazine

“Dana Fuchs and her band turn out rocking, blues-infused originals that come to life in Dana’s burnished vocals.”
-The New Yorker

“Dana Fuchs just sings like a bastard!”
-New York Press

“Best show I’ve seen in many years. Dana Fuchs is a great singer.”
-George Benson

“Imagine a sultry, more emotive Janis Joplin backed by a higher-energy version of the late-’60s Rolling Stones…Rock’n'roll doesn’t get any better.”
-Stereophile Magazine